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How does Development Funding Works? It’s Purpose & Advantages

What is development funding?

Development funding is a type of short-term financing. Property development is never simple, but there’s no reason it can’t be financed. If you’re a property developer, investor, or landlord, there are a variety of financing alternatives available to help you get started on your project. You might be looking at property financing options if you wish to undertake a massive property development project.

Development funding is a sort of commercial financing used to fund the construction of a residential, commercial, or any other property. Term loans, mortgages, bridging loans, and even personal loans are all included in this broad category. For ground-up projects, such as the construction of a property, development funding is likely the best option.

Purpose of development funding?

There are numerous reasons why property developers would prefer to get development funding rather than use their funds. ­ One obvious reason is that they can better utilize their resources and take on more projects, resulting in increased revenue. If you do not sell the properties before the loan comes to an end, you can typically agree to a loan extension for up to 6 months, which will relieve you of the strain and allow you to sell the properties without being pressured.


To use development funding, you don’t have to be a property developer. You could be a self-build enthusiast, a person working on a project, or even a part of an organization. Development funding is a dynamic form of alternative finance. This implies you can repay on your terms if the lender agrees. The method by which you repay the money borrowed will be determined by the scope of the project.

How it works

Development funding can be used to fund a wide range of real estate projects. Consider development funding as a loan. You are the borrower, and the money is provided by a lender. If planning approval is required, the lender will also request these documents like building regulations approval and any project warranties. Most lenders will cooperate with borrowers to devise a strategy that is satisfactory to all parties.


Once all parties have agreed to the conditions of the Development Funding, the lender can initiate the lending process. Once all of the requirements are completed, the initial funds for the site acquisition can be provided to the borrower.


The most significant advantage of funding is that it permits borrowers to borrow significantly bigger sums of money. It is, in fact, the largest borrowing facility currently available in the UK. The entire amount of money lent can be up to 100% of the overall building cost, with no maximum limit on how much can be borrowed. Development funding can normally be acquired in a matter of days, if you have access to development funding, you can consider taking on more complex projects. You are risking less of your own money – while profit is undoubtedly the desirable outcome when entering a development project, if it fails, you will be limiting your capital exposure if the scheme is funded.

Why Finance hub is best for Development Funding?

Finance Hub provides the best facilities to provide Development Funding. We assist clients in acquiring secure development funds. Because there are only a few prominent leaders in this sector, funding options are limited. We can, however, approach the entire market because we are autonomous. With our assistance, you can now effortlessly construct your flats and houses. We give you a loan to help you buy some land or pay for any development expenses. Finance Hub provides you with the best options of development funds and enables you to achieve the dream of your own home

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